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  1. What types of portrait sessions do you offer?

    • We offer many different portrait sessions ranging from newborn to sports. If you don't see an example of what you are looking for please reach out and we can design a session for your needs.​

  2. How far in advance should I schedule my portrait session?

    • When looking to book please give yourself at least 30 days, this lets you adequately plan for your wardrobe, hair, and other incidentals. For those of us that procrastinate we offer the ability to book within 7 days of a desired date, assuming we have availability.​

  3. Do you offer indoor or outdoor portrait sessions?

    • We offer both! When booking a session you can choose the appropriate session to add to your cart for the studio sessions and if you are wanting a location session you will then add the location option to your order before checking out.​

  4. Can I choose the location for my portrait session?

    • Yes, as long as it is within a 10 mile radius of the studio. If you have a special request please call us for a quote.​

  5. What should I wear for my portrait session?

    • This depends on your style, but we often suggest something you feel confident in. I will often suggest a single "busier" print in the group with the rest of the attire being complimentary solid versions.​

  6. How long does a typical portrait session last?

    • Many of our sessions are about 60 minutes. While this isn't a hard and fast rule we recommend planning between 1-1.5 hours.​

  7. Do you provide hair and makeup services for portrait sessions?

    • We work closely with a makeup & hair stylist and refer our clients to her. This way you are sure to get what you want every time. ​

  8. Can I bring props or accessories for my portrait session?

    • Yes please, we want you session to highlight your personality. If you are not sure if something will look good, just ask. ​

  9. How many outfit changes are allowed during a portrait session?

    • This depends on the type of session and is really only limited by our time together. I always suggest bringing more than you think you will need and we will get to as many as we can. A good starting point is 3 looks.​

  10. Do you offer portrait sessions for families, individuals, or both?

    • Both! ​

  11. Can I include pets in my portrait session?

    • YES! We love our furry companions and treat them like a part of the family. When you book your session, just include that you are bringing a pet and what kind in the questionnaire.​

  12. How soon after my portrait session will I be able to view and select my images?

    • 3-5 days following your session. We offer two methods of viewing your images. For those of us who want customized products we offer an in person view session, where we can walk you through the best product match for your needs. For those DIYer's we have an online gallery option that is more hands off.​

  13. What products and packages do you offer for portrait sessions?

    • We offer prints, albums, digitals, and so much more. If you don't see what you are looking for on our Investment page, just reach out. ​

  14. Do you offer retouching or editing services for portrait images?

    • Yes, our style is natural, elegant, and simplistic. With that in mind we can definitely accommodate special requests.​

  15. Can I purchase digital files of my portrait images?

    • You absolutely can, see more info on our Investment page.​

  16. Do you offer framing or printing services for portrait images?

    • We offer basic limited frames through our online gallery option, and fully customized hand built framing option at our in person viewing sessions.​

  17. Are gift certificates available for portrait sessions?

    • We offer gift cards in customizable amounts. These make great gifts.​

  18. Can I schedule a consultation before booking my portrait session?

    • Yes, We offer complimentary consultations that you can book here. ​

  19. Do you offer discounts for returning clients or referrals?

    • We will often times give returning clients past pricing on sessions and preferred scheduling. If you refer someone and they book with us we gift you a $25 gift card.​

  20. What does my session fee include?

    • All session fee covers your time in the studio or on location with our trained photographer, a private viewing session and/or online gallery. Each session is planned out before hand and customized to the goals and hopes of each individual. Products and Digitals will be purchased separately, for more information visit our investment page.​

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