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Discover the Woman behind the Lens

My clients truly matter to me. I want to speak to those moms with too little sleep, the dads with not enough time, the senior who wants to stand out, and even the toddler who feels unseen.

These are my people; you are my people.

Family Portraits

You do not have to do it all!

We all rush around trying to accomplish everything while trying to give it 100% of our effort. Let me take this small but very important piece off your plate. I cherish getting to create art for my clients, to really get to know each one of you on a personal level, and then present you with a finished piece to hang in your special place. Your time is valuable, and I want to cultivate a space where you can have a personal, authentic, and fun experience. During 2020 I enjoyed creating themed sessions for my own family. You can enjoy the fun results below.


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